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Where we support

We strongly believe that change comes from within and every step counts. Starting locally , we intend to expand nationwide in the coming years.

Our misssion

No need is too small nor a voice is too weak to be heard. We will devote time and energy to support disadvantaged communities and to contribute to the development of education .

Our values

Te Aud Romania focus on improving basic education accessible to children and young people at the moment .

About Us

Te Aud Romania (I HEAR YOU ROMANIA) is an NGO (Charity) established in 2014 to help orphans and disadvantaged children in Romania through improved education, life guidance, sport and social inclusion.

We aim to provide increased opportunities for the children to succeed socially, spiritually and financially – helping them develop and appreciate everything life has to offer – giving them a chance at enjoying what most of us take for granted.

Created as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation), Te Aud Romania (I Hear You Romania) has the ability to generate income, raise funds, access governmental funding, and receive in-kind donations.