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No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed.

Te Aud Romania (I HEAR YOU ROMANIA) is an NGO (Charity) established in 2014 to help orphans and disadvantaged children in Romania through improved education, life guidance, sport and social inclusion.

We aim to provide increased opportunities for the children to succeed socially, spiritually and financially - helping them develop and appreciate everything life has to offer - giving them a chance at enjoying what most of us take for granted.

At Te Aud Romania (I HEAR YOU ROMANIA), our vision for the future includes enhanced education, social inclusion and the chance at prosperity for every Orphan and disadvantaged child in Romania.

We believe our efforts today will help shape the lives of these children and society for the future.

With an extra focus on education, we campaign to give children a brighter future, support Romania’s talents and promote personal development. Our vision is to give every child in Romania the opportunity to become the very best version of themselves.


"We strongly believe change comes from within and every little step counts. Starting from local communities, we aim to extend to national level in the next few years. "

To begin with, Te Aud Romania has a geographical focus in Northern Romania , close to the famous monasteries in Suceava county.
There are more than 2,000 orphans and disadvantaged children living within this region alone, ranging from infants to 18 years old. As we develop, the geographical boundaries will expand across the entire country. With more than 20,000 orphans and disadvantaged children throughout Romania, the scope for expansion is considerable. These children all share a common need.
Te Aud Romania aims to fill that need, both through direct action and encouraging progressive change.


At Te Aud Romania we have a focus on enhancing the basic education that children are currently able to access.
We aim to help children discover their abilities and support them throughout their development, thus giving them a more rounded and comprehensive education.
We seek to ensure their education is delivered in an interactive way, teaching them life skills that will encourage social interaction and social inclusion.

Change comes from within

We encourage every child to recognise their own abilities, develop their understanding of the world around them and use their skill set to improve their lives. Our aim is to deliver an enhanced approach to their existing education, utilising advanced interactive teaching methods that encourage children to be part of each lesson.

We strongly believe in a fair world

Te Aud Romania believes in a world of fairness, where orphans and disadvantaged children have access to the same level of education and social inclusion as everyone else.

Every child should have the opportunity to live a full and productive life

With a desire for a better future, we focus on creating opportunities for orphans and disadvantaged children, paving the way for an independent and prosperous life.

We campaign to change lives

Te Aud Romania seeks to enlighten the communities around us, with the primary aim of encouraging understanding and social awareness.

Communication should be taught from a young age

Using the skills of specialised teachers,
Te Aud Romania aims to provide orphans and disadvantaged children with a comprehensive set of communication skills. With the aim of developing their ability to interact socially, we aim to offer them lessons encompassing social interaction, social understanding and cultural/religious tolerance.

Sports are a major educational tool

At Te Aud Romania we aim to encourage discipline, integrity, teamwork and honesty through sports and interactive learning.  We strongly believe that sports should be a part of every child’s life from a very young age.   

We believe our efforts today will help shape the lives of these children and society for the future.
Our vision is to give every orphan and disadvantaged child in Romania the opportunity to become the very best version of themselves.